Sunday, May 22, 2016

Maradi Women's Safe House   
Currently we are doing an outreach ministry to the women in the prison in Maradi.  A number of these women also have children under the age of 2 with them in the prison.  This outreach includes evangelism and literacy training.  We are pleased to say that a number of the women have taken a bold step in faith. 

Unfortunately, a release from prison can lead to many problems for these women as they are often no longer accepted by their husbands or families.  For many women this can lead to outright poverty and desperation. 
To help these women, we have created, in association with a local church, a safe house.  This is a place of peace where they can be discipled in the gospel and learn some trades that will help them become independent.
We are seeking funds to help pay for such things as food, medicine, doctor visits, safe house rent, clothing and discipleship material.
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