Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It is Finished

After almost ten months, today is the last day of French school.

The day ends with a chapel service with graduation for the language students.  Orest will be doing his French presentation for this service.  Then there is one last final oral examination and school is over.

We have greatly enjoyed our stay in Quebec.  Quebec is a unique and marvelous culture.

We have been blessed to spend time with so many other missionary folks who were studying French.  All were also heading to Africa.  Time spent with these folks was the best part of this time.  We pray for them as they continue on their journey and calling from God.

We stay here pretty much until the end of the month to clean up the apartment and to pack.  Then it's off we go on a long road trip spending time along the way with friends and family.  We will also spend time doing deputation (support raising).  It will be a long journey going to multiple locations in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and finally Alberta.

We would like to have all of our support raised by October 31. If you can help please contact us.

Our draft schedule looks like this:

Ontario - July 1 - 9
Manitoba  - July 13 - July 23
Saskatchewan July 24 - Aug 1
Lloydminster - August 3 - Sep15
Calgary - Sep 15 - Dec 15

If you would like us to do a presentation while we are in your area please let us know.

God bless all of you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Friday June 4, 2010 was time for another school field trip.  So we headed north for a one hour drive to Drumondville.  The self proclaimed centre of the universe.  I guess this claim comes from their self proclaimed status as inventors of poutine.

We spent the day at a park set up as an historical french village.  The site had historical buildings and actors in costume acting out the roles of the original inhabitants.  In total there were 52 buildings.  There such things as a church, school, woodworkers, metal smith, general store, antique equipment and automobiles, sawmill, and many others.  The weather was very nice for the outing.  There was approximately 20 of us that went on the trip.  Again, it was another opportunity to see french heritage and to practise the french language. 

There is a slide show with 83 pictures.  Enjoy.

We had fun.

Drummondville was founded in June 1815 by Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick George Heriot. The purpose of the town was to provide a home for British soldiers in the War of 1812, and to guard the Saint-François River against American attack. The town was named after Sir Gordon Drummond, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada between 1813 and 1816.

Notable Drummondville natives
Louise Bédard, dancer and choreographer
Serge Boisvert, professional hockey player
Alex Bourret, professional hockey player
Yvan Cournoyer, professional hockey player
Michel Cusson, musician and composer
Gilbert Dionne, professional hockey player
Marcel Dionne, professional hockey player
Jessica Dubé, olympic ice skater
Patrick Lalime, professional hockey player
Yvon Lambert, professional hockey player
Bernard Lemaire, businessman
Daniel Lemire, humourist
Eric Messier, professional hockey player
Louis Morissette, humourist
Lester Patrick, professional hockey player
Mathieu Perreault, professional hockey player
Kim Poirier, actress
Karine Vanasse, actress
A Perfect Murder (band), musical group
Kaïn, musical group

Language Population Pct (%)

French only 62,710 95.43%
English only 710 1.08%
Both English and French 175 0.27%
Other languages 2,120 3.22%