Monday, July 16, 2012


July 15, 2012 we were resposnsible for the missionary Sunday service on the compound.  As part of the service Orest did a puppet presentation.  He did up a script to start with, Based on the first miracle of Jesus in John 2.  Grace helped with the skit.

After the skit he did a musical number that involved two young ladies dancing along to the song.  This was a true international routine as one of the ladies was from Nigeria and the other from the United States and we are, of course, from Canada.

By the way, the fellow in the first picture is called Douda which is Hausa for David.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Desk Building

Last Saturday Pastor John, from California, and Orest went to the local public school to start building desks.  Things started off slowly as there were several issues to deal with. 

The first problem was taking off the existing bolts so that the new desk tops and seats could be added.  Orest was happy that we had some DW40 to put on the bolts to loosen the screws.  However, when they went to take the bolts off they realized that the problem was the fact that the bolts were welded to the screws.  Feeling a bit discouraged they headed back to the compound and went to the shop.  There they found a bolt cutter and were able to obtain a box of replacement screws and nuts.

Pastor John had the job of cutting off the bolts, which first required ripping off some rather old and dilapitated pieces of wood first.

Orest set to measuring the wood to drill holes for placementt on the desks.  This led to the second problem as he could not create a template for the desks.  Each desk was slightly different as to where the holes were so it required measuring every desk to get the proper holes drilled.  Needless to say this was time consuming.

The third factor was the heat and humidity that just made work difficult.

Overall, however, the day was satisfactory as we did manage to complete 14 desks for the school.  There remains wood to complete another 18 desks and we hope to do more.  At least we now have the procedure set so future work should go more smoothly.

We found that with the humidity the varnish was not drying very well.  In the last couple of shots you see Orest with his hand on the desk which actually started to glue to the desktop.  Took a bit of effort to get his hand free.

The first picture shows Pastor John sitting in the first desk we completed.

We are very grateful to Pastor John and his assistance in this project.