Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hard Work

How many men with shovels does it take to empty a large truck with gravel. The answer is below. It seems that in coming to Galmi from Maradi, this load was finally handled for the seventh time. That is, it was loaded and unloaded 7 times all by hand until it finally came to Galmi.


We had a significantly nice rain storm the other day. We actually have a trench dug around our house to divert the rain from inside the house to the garden. We were told the house does flood with abundant rain. Our door is pretty much at ground level. We were glad for our little moat.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Daughter

Here she is, or daughter in Galmi. This is an adoption of the heart. We are her mamma and pappa. She is an orphan currently living with her aunt. We understand that there is a total of 12 people living with this aunt. Our daughter is getting married in September to a young man who is also an orphan. We are now planning for the wedding.

We are very pleased that Sara is a part of our family.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Tis the season - so we are told - for snakes. How could things get any better than that.

There is always joy when we start to get rain. Mind you we could use with more rain. The crops are being planted but rain is still needed on a regular basis for survival. Along with the rain comes a cooling in temperature. Pray for a great crop this season.

Yesterday as we walked home from church there was a Nigerien child playing with an old tire tube while wearing a parka. In fairness it was cool - somewhere around 30 degrees.

With the rain comes snakes. We are told that it would not be unusual to see 2 or 3 snakes a day. Lizards, scorpions, large spiders and snakes. Lest we forget there is the increase in bugs. I guess it all fits in with the scenario that we will soon be going into malaria season.

Tis the season to be jolly. So glad that we have so many others to share this time with in Galmi. We are grateful that Galmi has been blessed with a great influx of short term and long term missionaries. The compound is getting crowded and so far everyone is working well together. Pray that that that trend would continue.

I may be gripping about some of the things here, like snakes and bugs, but we are still happy to be called to Galmi.

Blessings to all of you.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Previously I posted how we had taken the donated telescope out to picnic heights to do some Moon gazing. Here are a few more pictures including digital pictures taken through the telescope lens.

International Day

Beginning of July is Canada Day and then there is Independance day plus we have many other countries at Galmi. So we had International Day on July 2. What better way to celebrate Canada than to have a hockey game - a stick hockey game on a very hot concrete surface.

Orest set up the game and was the referee. Everyone seemed to have fun despite the very high temperature.

This and That

Yesterday evening we were about to start a Bible study at the home of V. As we walked to the study we met up with one of the missionaries who was out and about with her three children looking for hedgehogs. We chatted a bit and went off to the study. Just as we were starting the study this mom comes to the door to tell us they found a large snake and her kids were trying to keep it at bay.

A few of us went out to see what we could do. She was saying it was about 3 feet long and quite thick. Sounded dangerous to us. It was also dark outside so this snake had the advantage. As it was the snake had gone into a small culvert. The local guards were called. We did a lot of searching and noise making at one end of the culvert trying to force it out the other end with no luck. We went back to the study and left the guards to look for the snake. It never was found.

Today our compound gardner tells Grace that with rainy season it is not uncommon to have 2 or 3 snake sightings a day. The gardner told Grace how last year he had killed a rather large snake and then took it, and coiled it up, inside the workshop. Grace said that the gardner couln't help laughing remembering the reaction of the workers in the shop.

Here is a little curiosity. This is a picture of the battery operated lamp that is commonly used during power outages. Yesterday we bought one. As you can see it is very simply made but it is very effective with the way the light reflects off the CD surface.