Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Covered Bridge

The other day we went to hear one of the missionary students give their testimony at a breakfast event.  We went to a smaller community outside of Sherbrooke.  Along the way we passed this covered bridge.  Everything was made of wood.  Lot's of wood.  Amazing structure.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Marrch 19, 2010

We are about to embark on another class field trip.  This time we go to a maple sugar farm.  Should be interesting.  Of course, everything will be in French.  There is about 30 of us going.  The weather is supposed to be great - a high of 15.  We have been told that it will be very muddy.  I hope to have pictures on the site later.

Right now we are in a very busy time. With exams, and preperations for French presentations, there is a lot of work involved. Not to mention the ongoing influx of homework.

We are also at exam time.  They seem to come often.  Written and oral.  They start on Monday.

We also have to have our testimonies written up, in French, by Easter.  Not as easy as it may sound.  Especially when the final presentation is made at chapel in front of francophones. 

We have really had to rely on our faith during this time.

Just so people know, we are in the French program until the end of June.  We will leave for Niger when we have all of our funds raised.  We cannot leave until we have raised 100% of our support.  At this point we still need to raise a lot of support.  We are in the process of planning our post French school schedule. 

If you would like us to make a presentation to your Church, or some other group, please contact us soon so we can add it to our schedule.

Blessings to all of you.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Michaels Cathederal

Our recent activity was to go to a cathederal in Sherbrooke with a number of other students.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aeroplan Miles

One way we are asking people to help us in support raising is to pass on the PIN from product purchases that are eligible for Aeroplan points.  We can use the miles to help reduce costs as we prepare for our mission to Niger.

For instance, Nestle Canada is now offering Aeroplan points on the purchase of some of their products. In total fifty-two products offer rewards of 10 to 50 points on specially marked packages.

If you would like to assist by forwarding these points on to us please contact us for details. We would need the label with the PIN in order to use the points.

You can see which specific products qualify by going to the following website:

Within the above website there are tabs you can click on (ice cream, chocolate, or pet food) to get details of the products that qualify in each category.

There will be a special Aeroplan label on the exterior of each product to indicate if it is part of the plan.

This also applies on purchases of certain products through Tropicana Tropics juice blends, Quaker Life Cereal or Tostitos Tortilla Chips.  You can get mile rewards towards Aeroplan. If you buy these products, but do not use Aeroplan, or would like to donate these miles, then please contact us.

Go to this site for more details

Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated. Our contact information is in the sidebar of this blog page.