Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The other day we heard that a local pastor had lamented on the over abundance of motorcycles (moto). As we walk through Galmi, and visit other communities, we realize that for the people here a moto is the same as a mini van in North America. We are always amazed at what they carry on these things.

I recently saw 2 young men on a moto carrying 6 five litre jugs. The passenger had 4 and the driver had 2.

We have seen up to 6 people on a moto. Needless to say these people are not robust in size, but then again, neither is the moto.

Try this configuration. First there is the driver, then you add 1 to 3 goats stacked behind the driver. Then you have another passenger. Behind the passenger you can again stack some goats. Then you have another passenger. You see then zipping by and you can see that even the goats know it would not be wise to make any unnecessary moves.

People will carry building material, such as sheets of curragted tin, on their heads as they drive. A roll of carpeting is no problem. Easy enough to throw 4 - 50 pound bags of cement on a moto and take it where you need it. (Just interesting to see them get the guy started and help him stay balanced on the moto. Makes you wonder what happens when he stops or some emergency happens.)

One of my favorites is seeing them carry large panes of glass. The passenger will be stretched to the maximum to hold the glass. This is the only thing he holds on to through the voyage.

They also transport gas cooking tanks (which appear similar to large Bbq propane tanks). These tanks have no valve covers. They just plop them on the seat in front of them and go.

The other day we were driving through Konni and a fellow behind us had so many things he was holding he actually could barely see above the load. His arms were stretched around the load to reach the handle. He was also travelling like one foot behind me. I was afraid to make any sudden stops or moves. It was bad enough that you have to drive through majority world traffic and throw in some guy who looks like an accident in the making.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wedding pictures

Here is a brief slideshow with pictures from the wedding between Sani and Sara.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Wedding

I know that there will be some smart comments from the Great White North so I will say it now - Yes, I am wearing a man dress.

This is us with the couple right after the ceremony.

We went to visit some family at the home of Sara's aunt.

Sara and Sani after the wedding coming to our place to change.

Sara's hands with Henna.

The family collected money to buy some basic food supplies for the couple. This includes corn, millet, salt, sugar, macaroni and some others. By the way, the rains were too late for crops. Sani will not have a crop this year. Please continue to pray for him and others in the area.

Pictures of us with Sara the next day.

Other pictures at the home of Sara's aunt visiting the next day.

It was amazing to spend time with friends at family at our first African wedding. Especially when we had the opportunity to be so involved in the wedding. Children - they grow up so fast.

Blessings to all.