Sunday, February 21, 2016

Greetings Family & Friends,
Please pray for the new believers in the women’s prison, that they would spend time in God’s Word and understand that God Almighty wants to have a personal relationship with them. 

Pray for J. and S. who have been released and unfortunately have returned to prostitution.  S. keeps visiting the prison and is frequently at the prison when we come to visit.  I believe these are God- appointed moments in which we can continue to show God’s love and compassion for her.

Last week was the trial for the first believers in prison, M. and S.  We full expected M. to be released, and to our astonishment she was given 10 years.  It is a long story.  However, there is a faint hope she could be released in 3 or 6 months for other reasons. Pray she will grow in faith and trust in God.   S. on the other hand was released from prison, which we give thanks for.  She will be our first woman in our safe house.  She is a trained nurse and will be looking for work and then her own place as finances will allow her.

Pray that Esther and I would be effective messengers of God’s love and hope, and that we communicate well His Word to these women.

Personally, the prison ministry has imparted on my heart the amazing glory of our Lord and Savior as I see His work and impact on the lives of the women in prison.  This ministry has been a wonderful blessing to me as well.

We have met with the court-appointed lawyer for M. and S., and Saturday we hosted him along with Pastor Benji and Esther to express our appreciation for his work.  He was put in a very difficult position and did his best under the circumstances.  He also happens to be the local regional Child Advocacy lawyer.  We are becoming increasingly aware of the need for safe places for unwanted children.  Currently, there is no services available in Maradi.  An orphanage is not a long-term solution.  The scriptures remind us again and again that it is the role of the church to care for the fatherless.  Pray the church will feel called to be an instrument of grace and mercy to the hundreds of unwanted children.  This whole matter grieves our souls and we seek prayer and wisdom on this potential ministry option.

Pray that Pastor Abdou would receive approval to minister in the men’s section of the prison.  Orest would then accompany Pastor Abdou on these visits.  There are many lost souls within the prison.

We are approaching national election time in Niger.  There are 15 candidates running for president.  They all have a national agenda.  Each party is represented by a different color.  Currently the city is very colorful.  Light standards and every kind of moving vehicle are adorned with colored fabric for an individuals’ favorite candidate.  It kind of looks like there is a parade, every day.  Because of the large number of candidates there will likely be a number of run off votes.
Pray that peace remains in the country throughout this process.  Pray that an excellent leader would be elected, a leader that cares about the well-being of the people of Niger.

The lunar pull was so strong at the end of January that for several nights our water reservoir tank would refill to overflowing without the use of any power.  That means, the water traveled from the 100 meters depth to the top of the reservoir tank 9 meters above ground.  Strange but true.

We are encouraged by our students bringing their friends to the English classes being held in our home.  Our range of contacts into the community is growing bigger and bigger.  We are very excited by the intelligence displayed by some of the students and the enthusiasm by our M student. 
Pray for us to express the message of God’s Word clearly in our Literacy and English classes.

It is peak season for tomatoes. Canning has been underway. Tomato soup, salsa, and sauce have all been made.  Glad it’s not hot season.

Niger has been experiencing an unusually long cold season.  We are grateful for the break from the heat and the break with lower power bills.

We remain excited and encouraged by the ministry opportunities we have in Maradi.  We are especially enthused about the local people God places in our lives.  We feel particularly blessed that God keeps us so occupied with these ministries and these wonderful people.  Praise God.

There is no doubt that we praise God for the faithfulness of all of you who so wonderfully support us and continue to support us.  Please know that we feel the blessings of your prayers in our lives in Niger.  Thank you all.
Faith does not make things easy, it makes them Possible.   Luke 1:37

Blessings to you all,
Grace & Orest Pelech