Friday, June 12, 2015

Our updates are called blessings.  We want you to see how God blesses, provides, equips, goes before and is in every situation in our lives.  That is also our hope and prayer for your lives that you can see, feel, hear and experience God in your journey of life as well.  Sometimes remembering to be grateful and looking at past blessings can transform our present gloomy state of mind to that of praise and thanksgiving.

“The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will exalt Him. Exodus 15:2” NIV

There is a song that comes back to memory, Count your blessings and name them one by one.

We are settling into the house in the city.  We understood this particular area of town has had a bad history of obtaining water during hot season.  Well, this was all true.  We have been over a month without water.  We have a few barrels which are filled on a regular basis.  Getting clothes washed has been a bit challenging.  PLEASE PRAY we can get water soon.  This past month has consistently been over 40 degrees.  We had been enjoying consistent power until the past two weeks.  Niger has been dependent on Nigeria for its sole source of power.  With political changes, the future of our power supply has become a point of interest in public debate.  Gratefully, we have purchased a generator with funds supplied by our church so we will not be subject to these problems.  

PRISON MINISTRY: A new team member, Faye, has joined us. We now split into two teams. One group works in discipleship of the new believers and the other group speaks with the general population. We have also been trying to give them things to occupy their hands. Our first hand sewing project demonstrated that this was a very new skill to many of the ladies. This time we are going in with a sampler with a few beginning stitches and will have them practice those before we start a new project. We have obtained some unique African artwork designs that should result in even more interest and enthusiasm. There is a variety of levels of difficulty in the artwork so they will progress through the projects as their skills improve.

Two weeks ago, there was a team doing Samaritan shoe box delivery in the prison. We were able to join this team and ensure that the women who had small children received a box for each child.

In the next few days we are expecting Saratou, Sani and Samuel to come and visit for two weeks. This is Sani's vacation time. On May 11th we were in Galmi to celebrate Samuel's second birthday. What a delightful time, lots of laughs and Samuel's reaction to chocolate cake was precious. Children are good medicine for the soul.

      Pray for:
  • Our ongoing language learning.
  • The grace to deal with the very hot temperatures.
  • The church in Niger, that it would seek godly individuals to lead.
  • The current leaders in the church to operate within God's purpose and with righteousness. 
  • All believers to be salt and light to their family, friends, community and circles of influence.
For the wonderful relationships we have developed with godly individuals who wish to partner and minister alongside of us.

Orest & Grace Pelech

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