Thursday, September 25, 2014


Dear Readers

As you know we have been on home assignment since Dec 1 2013.  To the end of January, most of time was spent in Ontario with the exception of Christmas time with family in Manitoba. 

In February we returned to Alberta to our church family and friends. 

We have traveled many miles and visited/hosted many people over these past 8 months.  What we can declare is that we have been blessed by the ridiculous loving kindness of so many of God people. 

We have been provided a vehicle first from Pat, mom and Rick, huge thanks.

We have been provided with shelter, first with an apartment in Toronto, then various homes along our travels.  Then in Lloyd, thanks to Elaine and Norbert for their very generous loving kindness in providing a place to call home, along with Jason and Tannis.

We have studied lots, and lots.  God have given us wonderful opportunities to learn and help us clarify our call to service.  He continues to press into both of our hearts the needs of those to whom we are called to live among and declare His glory and promises.

Then Southridge church filled our pantry so that today we still are enjoying its bounty.  We have been blessed by so many words and gestures of kindness, our hearts are overjoyed. 

Now through your faithful generous gifts and support we are ready to depart Canada and return to Niger.  God’s accounting is truly marvelous and delightful to see.  My heart leaps with rejoicing and thanksgiving.