Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 2012 update

We are in bug season and it has been really frustrating - especially earwigs.  They seem impossible to keep out of the house.  It also seems that our end, mainly our house, is having a big problem with these pests.

The picture below was taking of a praying mantis sitting on the hood of a truck.  His colors are really unique.

We met with the folks at the local public school the other day.  They were planning the up coming school year.  They were really excited about the 34 desks that we were able to repair.  We did a check and found that we need to repair another 55 desks.  The teachers are sitting outside their teachers building.  They are outside because the inside is basically empty.

Below is a picture of all the teachers for the upcoming year.  This is the entire staff for 540 students covering 4 years.

We surprised the school by providing two much needed desks for the teachers building.

The desks were difficult to get in just because of the way the buildings are constructed.  They have no power at the school and only one boys stall and one girls stall as toilet facilities.  We are hoping we will have resources to change that.  They also need another classroom built and lots of repairs to other buildings.  Little by little the work will be done.

Sara is in our house hooked up to an IV bottle.  She has been quite sick but is glad that she can stay with momma, 

Below, seated next to Grace is Sara's grandmother.

We also get to feed Sani once in a while.
Just as an aside, below is a picture of some of our recent peanut crop.

Blessings to all

Orest & Grace