Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How good it is to greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. We are blessed and thankful for God's constant goodness and provision in every circumstance.

We are happy to report that we have moved into the home that came to our attention back in December. We had the opportunity to get the help of several young men to move the heavy items. The first week was filled with various local trades person's finishing up small tasks throughout the house. We are busy resettling and unpacking all our personal effects this time. Orest is busy hanging drapes. With slight alterations we are able to make all the drapes from our home in Galmi, work for this house. We are grateful not to have the additional work and expenses to our move.

Orest has been doing regular work at the SIM office in Maradi one or two times a week depending on the needs.

Please pray for us as we travel about the city and country. We have experienced some very close calls. This week we both have had very uncomfortable experiences with very young children on the road. Today Orest missed a 2 year old child by just inches. The times Orest comes and goes from the SIM office is when children are going or leaving school.

We continue to work on our Hausa and are feeling more comfortable each time we explore new areas of town and try to engage people. People appreciate our efforts and we feel encouraged.

The country in general has quietened down, however, there is still incidents happening to individuals here and there. Rebecca is a young woman I am acquainted with. Her family compound was having water problems, so they needed to go to a community water fountain to obtain water. A dispute broke out between other individuals so they tried to bring peace to the situation, however, their intervention was responded to by hostility, and one of her sisters became a target of a severe beating including rocks to her head. One parent of the hostile child who kept picking fights told the offenders that since the little girl was Christian it would be alright to kill her. Thankfully, someone informed the Christian family as to what was happening and she was rescued from her attackers. The hospital would not treat the wounds without a police report, as a result the offending family members were all collected by police and held in custody. The Christian family pleaded with the police that they forgive the offenders and begged for their release. Again, the police were amazed by the forgiving nature of Christians to those who sought to harm them.

Continue to pray for Christians to remain unwavering and strong in their faith.
Pray they will be comforted and encouraged during these challenges.
Pray the people of God would be a light in this dark lost world.
For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.
Luke 21:36
Since our last newsletter, we had the opportunity to host 12 Canadian troops in our home. They happened to be participating in an international training exercise in the area where B.H. tried to make an insurgence into Niger. The government has been trying to identify B.H. sympathizers throughout the country. The Canadian troops were kind to leave us a gift of Canadian maple syrup . . . What a treasure!

Esther, Rebecca and I have now made three visits to the woman's prison, with another scheduled this week. We are very encouraged by the response to our visits. We have certainly been made to feel that our visits are eagerly anticipated and welcome. We took some hand sewing material the past time to help them break up their time. It was good to see the guard participating as well. Please continue to pray that our words will be understood and life transformation and healing an take place. As of today please celebrate with us a new sister in the kingdom. Praise God. The needlework started last time was proudly displayed to us.

Pray that we will have opportunity to meet people in our new community and begin to develop relationships with them.

Thank you for your faithful prayers. We are so encouraged and delighted when we hear back from you when we send out a prayer letter. We would love it if you would share your news with us as well so we too can pray for you.

Grace and Orest Pelech

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Republic of Niger, West Africa

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